About Us

Our Purpose:   To write down everything the Bible has to say about running a business.

Our Long-Term Vision: To be the go-to “think tank” for churches, colleges, seminaries, MBA programs, business owners, media, legislators and pastors for educational materials, speakers, new ideas, original research and thinking on what the Bible has to say about running a business.

We hold six core purposes for business in tension – all of which at one time or another submit to the other three:

  1. Products: Business exists to produce products and services that enable the community to flourish
  2. Passions: Business exists to give individuals a way to express their God-given passions and potential
  3. Profits: Business exists to create profits, which provide sustainability for the other two purposes to continue
  4. Philanthropy: Business exists to eliminate poverty through job creation and giving to the poor

In our model development, we start first with the Scriptures and then move to align business principles with them.  We also start first with who you are as a business owner, then move on from there to assess your leadership and business skills.  We integrate the theoretical with practical and technical skills you’ll need to run your business God’s way.

If this approach appeals to you, then please join us in our quest to transform businesses in America for Christ.


5 thoughts on “About Us”

  1. Do you or your staff offer counseling to help small business owner manage his children entering the business? if so what does that look like? Do you have an phone number that I could call for information.

  2. Dear fiends of bible and business!

    I’m reading your blog with great interest. Several years ago I wanted to start a similar project called “bible in business” (BiB). I was inspired in working with professor Peter Koestenbaum, the founder of PiB (Philosophy in Business). Further inspiration from the spirit and GLS-2015 (Bill Hybels), lead me to gather my closest business friends in Norway to start a Norwegian project like yours.

    I just wanted to share this with you and thank you for a tremendous inspiration. Maybe we can collaborate in the future.

    Terje Clausen
    Forusvågen 29
    4031 Stavanger


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