Leadership Lessons for Christian Business Owners

Taken directly from the life of David, Christian business owners can learn much about how to lead their own businesses.  It was somewhere between 15-20 years from the time Samuel anointed David to be king until David was crowned king by the Northern 10 tribes.  What were the leadership lessons that David had to learn before he could lead a nation?  Find out in our study of leadership lessons from the life of David.

Why study the life of David?

Lesson I: Being underestimated as a leader

Lesson II: Learning Submission as a leader

Lesson III: Leading when your problems seem insurmountable

Lesson IV: Leading and assuming risk

Lesson V: Being yourself in your call as a leader and business owner

Lesson VI: Leading during times of success

 Lesson VII: Understanding the importance of righteousness for leadership

Lesson VIII: Leadership and broken vows

Lesson IX: Recognizing God’s protection as a leader

Lesson X: Learning the value of a close friend and supporter

Lesson XI: The danger of leading when you don’t follow God

Lesson XII: The danger of leading when you ignore your intuition

Lesson XIII: Respecting other leaders who want to kill you

Lesson XIV: Building your team while taking more risk


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