Vision Statement

The Vision Statement outlines where the organization hopes to be and/or what it hopes to achieve in the foreseeable future.  The statement should be achievable, yet stretch the organization to do more and be more than it is today.

The statement need not include measurements within the statement itself, but should lend itself to being measured with relative ease.

At the Bible and Business, our vision statement is as follows:

To be the go-to “think tank” for churches, colleges, seminaries, MBA programs, business owners, media, legislators and pastors for educational materials, speakers, new ideas, original research and thinking on what the Bible has to say about running a business.


2 thoughts on “Vision Statement”

  1. Heard Bill English this morning on “Austin Hill in the morning” on KFNW…..
    Just thinking …. our answer to people who want to brand Christians as oppressing the “gay agenda” should be:

    1) Christians approving of the gay lifestyle (by providing catering to a gay wedding) would be no different than Christians providing catering to a “swingers-club-convention”,…where trading married spouses is openly promoted , ….by consenting adults !
    Providing catering to a huge convention at the “Playboy Mansion”.
    Providing catering to an “Abortion Clinic” party / get-together.

    Very few people would say that Christians should be forced to provide catering to those events (against their conscience) .

    2) We can be …”wise as serpents and harmless as doves”… if we think about our answers before we need them.

    1. Thanks for your comment. My post today – “Public Relations with a Hostile Media or Culture” is a commentary on thinking about our answers before we need them. Thanks again for visiting our site.

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