Christian Business Reference Architecture

Christian Business Reference ArchitectureWhat does it take to run a business God’s way?

In this reference architecture – which has taken me 10 years of thinking, experience, reading and praying to develop, I believe there is a coherent answer to that question.  If you want to learn more about the reference architecture, please read through my notes.

This is a reference architecture – it is not a model, a framework or a methodology.  As you build your business, you can use this reference architecture to make sure you’re not missing anything in your business model.  But be prepared – the reference architecture starts with you, the Christian Business owner.  Who you are will have greater impact on your ability to be profitable than what you do.

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Bill English is available to speak to your group on this reference architecture.  He understands what it takes to build a business – having grown from zero to 65 employees and $9M/year in sales.  He also understands what it takes to right-size a business – having done so himself to a level of 8 employees and $1.8M/year in sales.  Bill knows what it means to be swimming in money and knows what it means to wonder how the next payroll will be met.

You’ll find Bill to be an enjoyable, engaging speaker who has the experience and depth to speak to your group of business owners and business leaders.  To schedule his time for speaking, please fill out this form.  He will be in touch with your soon.


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