Business Owner Groups

The Bible and Business is pleased to offer Christian Business Owners the opportunity to join a monthly group with the following purposes in mind:

  • Build business owners who love and follow Jesus Christ
  • Use our businesses to fulfill the four purposes God has for business – and measure accordingly
  • To ensure our marriages and families are not sacrificed on the altar of profits and growth
  • To build a network of support and encouragement for each owner
  • To clarify God’s call on the owner’s life and to encourage the business owner to follow God’s call – whatever that call might be
  • To help distressed business become healthy
  • To help healthy businesses grow and be more than they ever thought possible

Groups are forming now, based on the annual sales of your business:

  • Level 1: $150K – $2M
  • Level 2: $2M – $10M
  • Level 3: $10M and up

Each group must have a minimum of eight members before the group can start.  No fees are paid until a group is formed.  To register your interest in attending a group or to learn more information, please click this link to submit your request to Bible and Business.


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