Most Popular Content at Bible and Business

Did you know there are over 400 posts and close to 100 pages of content on this site?  Wow.

Anyways, here are the top five pages/posts on this site, since it was first stood up in August of 2011k as of October, 2017:

Most popular: What the Bible has to say about Opportunity. I don’t understand why this post is more popular, but it is.  I need to research this a bit more, I guess and figure out what people are really seeking when they click on this link.

2nd: Chapter 5, Engaging in Spiritual Warfare. This page is Chapter 5 in my online book about What the Bible has to say about Running a Business.

3rd: Leadership Lessons for Christian Business Owners

4th: Managing Office Politics in a God-Honoring Way

5th:  Assuming Risk as a Business Owner