Cravings and Desires

As Christian Business Owners and as healthy human beings, we have certain cravings and desires. We want things to be a certain way and we often like to get our way.

Proverbs 10.3 says this: “The LORD does not let the righteous go hungry but He thwarts the craving of the wicked.”

The Hebrew word for craving really refers to an evil desire – any desire that comes from evil motives or feelings. The wicked will have evil desires and the Lord will ensure their cravings are not satisfied.

You see, for the righteous, the Lord does not let us “go hungry” – not just that He ensure we have food to eat, but more that our deepest desires are satisfied. When we enter into a personal relationship with Christ and then submit to His will, allowing the Holy Spirit to transform us from the inside, our desires change. We learn to desire His presence beyond nearly everything else. We still enjoy running our business and turning a profit, but we don’t need it as much as we need other things in life – things that money cannot buy.

Today, as you run your business – as you develop your plans – as you look to fulfill the four purposes of business which God has given to us – remember that when you walk with the Lord, your deepest desires and cravings will be satisfied. In this, you can rejoice because unlike your competitor who may not know the Lord, you will have a stability, calmness and focus that only God can provide as He first changes what we really desire and then satisfies the deep desires that He has placed within us.

Bill English