Donald Trump Remains an Empty Promise: Still Better than Clinton

I wrote an article a while back titled “Evangelical Support of Donald Trump is an Empty Promise“. My thinking was pretty straight forward:

  1. It appeared to me to be hypocrisy on the part of Evangelicals to support a man whose life was so morally bankrupt when other options were available
  2. Evangelical support was based more on anger than anything else
  3. His Presidency on the national scale would likely be similar to Jesse Ventura’s Governorship in Minnesota: at times entertaining but largely ineffective

I remain unmoved in my thinking about Mr. Trump. But circumstances have changed. We’re down to two – maybe three – options when voting for President. While options can never tell you what you ought to do, they can sure tell you what you can and can’t do.

Now that he is the Republican nominee and Mrs. Clinton is the Democrat nominee, what should Evangelicals do? In my view, we should not vote for Mrs. Clinton. Support either Trump or Gary Johnson (Libertarian Candidate). Why? Three reasons:

  1. At a minimum, Trump will not work to make abortions more accessible. (See also) Abortion is America’s equivalent to the Holocaust and it is ongoing. It is first a moral issue and secondly, if at all, a civil rights issue. The Scriptures are clear that abortion is sin and murder. (Opposing View).
  2. Trump has given us the list of those he will appoint to the Supreme Court (here too). Given the ultimate importance and longevity of the Supreme Court, this is a core reason to support Trump if you have a deep concern for individual liberty. Mrs. Clinton will appoint pro-choice judges who will vote to minimize our individual freedoms in a myriad of different ways.
  3. Trump understands business. I don’t believe Mrs. Clinton does. On this sight, we are pro-business, seeing it as a ministry as much as pastoring or doing missionary work. Wouldn’t it be nice, for a change, to have a President who understands how business really works?

Trump is deeply flawed candidate. I did not support him in the primary. But I will support him now mainly to ensure that Mrs. Clinton is not elected. But mind you, I’m not holding my breath for a great Presidency from Mr. Trump. He is loud, arrogant and bombastic. He lacks nuance and often needs to walk back what he said. He’s not polished (something that is refreshing in one way) and he’s direct. I suspect his Presidency will be aimless and mostly ineffective, mired in controversy over his ever-bloviating mouth. Whatever level of “savior-ness” Evangelicals ascribe to Trump, I think they will find he is largely an empty promise.

But Mrs. Clinton isn’t just flawed – she is viscerally corrupt. And the really serious part of her corruption is that, in my opinion, she knows she’s corrupt and is using it to get the Presidency. She is associated with scandal after scandal – always skating by the law and getting off the hook (opposing view here). But when you look at the over-arching body of her corruption over the last 30+years coupled with her undying devotion to murdering unborn children, one wonders how any Disciple of Jesus Christ can support her without putting politics ahead of God Himself.

Yes, Trump remains an empty promise. But we know what Mrs. Clinton will bring to this nation. I’ll take my chances on Trump.

Bill English