Friday Five for June 10 2016

When a country lacks a moral code that is above their own laws, you get rulings like this from the Canadian Supreme Court. Sex with animals is as detestable to God as ever and making it legal won’t change that. Ironically, its’ the animal rights groups that are upset with this. I’ll assume the religious groups are too, but they are not being covered as part of this story by the Press.

CEOs who behave badly leave a lasting, negative impression, an HBR study finds. What I find interesting is that bad CEO behavior persists in press reports for 5 years, on average, after the event has taken place. It’s the lasting impressions that count, I think. Yet it doesn’t affect stock prices – another sign that our country can quarantine moral behavior from economic gain.

Our national debt stands at $19.219 Trillion dollars. It was at $10.626 when President Obama took office. Well, done, Mr. President. You’ve managed to increase our national debt by over $8 trillion dollars. And you called President Bush’s deficits unpatriotic and immoral. Does the same standard apply to you? We’re not holding our breath for a positive response.

Romney says Trump will change America with trickle down racism. Romney needs to go home and fire some vendors. The man who ran one of the worst Presidential campaigns at a time when a yellow kangaroo could have beat President Obama is now inserting himself into this campaign for reasons that remain unclear to us. Face it: Trump *is* the Republican nominee. Either get on board or openly support another candidate. But you’ve had your turn – time to go home.  #Romneyfatigue #romneylost

By the way, Trump is not racist, but he is unscripted.  Those who know him well say he’s not racist or bigoted.

Is Google purposefully burying bad stories about Clinton? We don’t think so. But many will believe it who think most of the media is biased against conservative, traditional values. We just think it’s a difference in their algorithms.