Raise the Debt Ceiling and Our National Debt Goes Up $339B in One Day

No kidding. Take a look at the Debt to the Penny web site from the Treasury Department. Using their own numbers, we started 2015 with a national debt of $18,141,444,135,563.30. On October 31st of this year, our debt had risen to $18,152,981,685,747.50. That’s a total increase of ~$72B for the year. By my calculations (using exact figures supplied by the Treasury), from January 1st thru October 31st of this year, we had an average increase in our debt, per day of $231,841,684 or $9,951,736 per hour or $2,764/second.

On November 1st, when the new debt ceiling approval took place, and our national debt jumped by $339 billion in one day.

One day!

That means, now, our average per day increase in our national debt is now $1.3B. Our average increase per hour is $56.3M and our per second avg increase is now $15,666.

Constrains on Federal spending matter, but I don’t think many in Washington in either party really care.

Bill English
Bible and Business