Transracialism, Rachel Dolezal and Truth

The hub-bub about Rachel Dolezal has ignited a conversation about what race means in our society.

In her rather transparent, but rambling interview with Matt Lower of NBC’s Today show, she differentiated between being African American and Black – saying that she identified herself as black when Matt asked her if she is African American. In other words, she “feels” black, therefore she is black.

Relativism has become so deeply nested in our society that one’s gender and identity now are relative to how one “feels” and “experiences” life. If you feel like a women, you’re a woman, if you feel black, you’re black. If you feel like a victim, you are one. Feelings can often deceive and while feelings are real, they are not necessarily a reflection of truth. It seems to us that Rachel has denied her obvious physical race for so long, that it has amounted to lying to herself. She appears to be so good at lying that it won’t surprise us if other revelations come out about her lying about other aspects of her life. We’ll see.

From a Christian viewpoint, to reject one’s own gender or race is tantamount to saying to God that He made serious mistakes when he created you or I. One’s race and gender are sacred to one’s personhood – and this is set by God, not by one’s environment. But regardless of our race, ethnic heritage or sex, as Christians, our identity is in Christ first and then race/gender second. We focus on the truth of who we are in Christ and then focus on our sex, skin tone and so forth. In Christ, our divisions are to be eliminated through the healing and loving power of the Holy Spirit.

For the Christian Business Owner, this ought not to be an issue, but we believe that it’s just a matter of time before a white, male business owner decides that he’s really a black woman and thus, demands the government honor his (her?) business as a woman-owned, minority-owned business. If boys who feel they are girls can be allowed into the girl’s locker room in high schools, why shouldn’t men who identify as black females (whether or not they have a sex change operation) be treated as minority women by society and government?

We don’t see how government will have any objective grounds upon which to stand if they claim that race is purely a matter of skin tone when it comes to interacting with small businesses.

This entire conversation dances around the core issue that there is no objective truth anymore in our society. Truth, as a category, no longer exists. If we continue down this path, it will be just a matter of time before our nation crumbles from within. No society can survive the loss of truth, because it is upon the concept of truth that we build our criminal and civil laws and find meaning in our lives personally. Let’s hope that enough Americans find this entire conversation to be the wakeup call that it can and should be.