What are the Benefits of Starting a Business?

We often like to say that getting kids involved in sports will teach them valuable life-long lessons. We rarely articulate what those “valuable, life-long lessons” are, but we like to repeat the mantra. Sports teaches lessons that our kids need to become productive, law-abiding citizens.

I agree.

But so does starting a business. We elevate sports but rarely think about elevating the skills and lessons that can be learned through running a business. Think about it. If you want to:

  • Help people out of Poverty – then help them start a business
  • Teach Leadership skills – then help them start a business
  • Increase givers at church and other non-profits – help others start a business
  • Increase Stability for your community – start and run a profitable businesses
  • Learn to be a team player – start and run a business
  • Provide dignity and purpose for those who seem a bit aimless in life – work with them to start a business
  • Fulfill “be fruitful” command – start a business
  • Reflect the creativity of God – start a business
  • Humility – start a business
  • Proper use of power – start a business

When you run a business, you learn the Six R’s:

  1. Resourceful – learn to do more with what they already have
  2. Respectful – working with Customers teaches respect
  3. Reliance – God and self – proper balance
  4. Risk – learn when to risk and when not to
  5. Rewards – work hard for future gains – delayed gratification
  6. Research – learn how to assess real world scenarios for risk and reward

Let’s teach our young people how to start businesses. Contact me if you want to learn more: 763-458-3722.

Bill English