The Value of Reflection

Owning a business is as much an emotional roll-a-coaster as anything else. When things are going well, you’re riding high and feeling great! When things are going poorly, you’re emotions head south and sometimes, you end up feeling down or even depressed.

I’ve been in both situations. When you’re feeling good, you tend to see things rather differently than when you’re feeling down. Your decision-making and interactions with others are all affected by your emotions. And yes, your business decisions can be negatively affected as well. To this latter point, when you’re feeling good, you might have a tendency to make overly-optimistic decisions and when you’re feeling down, you might shy away from making decisions that could grow your business.

Taking time before God to reflect on your current situation is crucial to helping you a better business owner. You learn that He throttles you when you’re feeling great and encourages you when you’re feeling down. And with regard to the latter, He also helps you redefine what success is, moving you from an American standard of “more money = more success” to a definition that centers on faithfulness, trust, confidence and holiness. Success is defined by the intangibles of life, such as marriage, family and contentment.

Taking time to reflect on what God has done for you, who God is and who you are in relation to who He is takes time, energy and a learned quietness. But it yields greater rewards than any profit generated by any business. The things that matter most in life are not purchased with money because money can’t buy them.

If you want real riches in life, take time to reflect and think about whatever is true, noble, right, lovely pure, excellent or praise-worthy. Focus on who God is and find in Him your measure of success. Allow Him to regenerate you regardless of where you are in your business. Learn to hear His voice and commune with Him daily. You’ll be glad you did.

Bill English