Service Level Indicators

In conjunction with an SLA, Service Level Indicators (SLI) are quantitative measurements along simple dimensions that are discrete, simple to understand, quantitative and visual. SLI’s drive operational goals for the service provider and serve as a quantitative measurement that the means for meeting the SLA exist.

The visual part is a reporting aspect to help you understand if the SLI is being met. For example:

  • Green: SLI is being met
  • Yellow: 75% of SLI
  • Red: 50% of SLI

Collection and reporting of SLIs should be automated and reported. Be sure to regularly review your SLIs so that you know how your service level provider is performing. Also, be sure the SLIs are relevant as the SLA is being fulfilled. There are times when the SLIs will change during the time frame of an SLA being fulfilled. As process management matures, so will your SLIs.

SLIs are internal and yet adjacent to an SLA, so be sure, when writing your SLA, that you include appropriate SLIs so that your service provider can meet his or her performance goals.