The Six Buying Motives: Are They Only Present When Purchasing a Good or Service?

Recently, I began the process of engaging an outside firm to help us execute the sales and marketing team and a skills on staff to execute well. Our initial consultation, the outside firm gave me a book entitled “World Class Selling” by Roy Chitwood. In chapter 9, Chitwood described the six buying motives that all of us have what we are purchasing anything. Those buying motives are:

  • Desire for gain
  • Fear of loss
  • Comfort and convenience
  • Security and protection
  • Pride of ownership
  • Satisfaction of emotion

It occurred to me when I was reading through the chapter about and six emotions, they are probably present when we are running a business too. I’m not sure that the six emotions are unique to the purchasing process. For example, is there any business owner on the face of this planet who doesn’t have a desire for gain and a fear of loss? Do not all of us as business owners, have a pride of ownership in our businesses? And when times are good and cash flow was plentiful, do we not invest in our own comfort and convenience?

I think the author is getting the idea that these emotions are really motivations for purchasing a product or a service. My thought here is that these motivations exist in our lives more generally that just when we are purchasing a product or service.

It also occurred to me that these motivations might be reasons why we enter into sinful activities. For example, we might purchase an unusual amount of insurance to help alleviate our fear of loss and give us a sense of security protection. But if we don’t find our core sense of security in our relationship with Jesus Christ, then we are likely by attempting in my security in the ways.

The lust of the flesh, lust of the eyes and the pride of life are three motivations that seem to be present in all sin. I would suggest that it is not a far leap to mind these six motivations for buying inside the three motivations that First John says as present in all sin. As we run our businesses and attempt to honor Jesus Christ the marketplace, what should be aware of ourselves and our motivation that give rise to our actions including our purchasing decisions.

Bill English
CEO, Mindsharp
Associate, The Platinum Group