The Veil was Torn

At the moment when Christ gave up His life on this earth, the curtain of the temple was torn in two from top to bottom (Matthew 27.51). There were two temple curtains, one dividing the Most Holy Place from the Holy Place and the other separating the Holy Place from the court. This inner curtain is the one described in Exod. 26:31–33; 36:35; 2 Chron. 3:14. As pictured in these passages, strands of blue, purple, and scarlet were interwoven into a white linen fabric, in such a manner that these colors formed a mass of cherubim, the guardian angels of God’s holiness, symbolically as it were barring the way into the holy of holies. Only the high priest could enter the Holy of Holies to be in God’s presence and this was done only once a year.

The death of Jesus opened up a fresh access to God and this made the Old Testament sacrificial system and the Levitical high priesthood obsolete. The tearing of the veil signifies the obsolescence of the temple ritual and the law governing it. Jesus himself is the New Temple, the meeting place of God and man.

Through this one man’s obedience, once-for-all sacrifice for our sin, all, who by faith, lay their hands on the head of this innocent victim (Christ) are allowed into God’s presence and will one day see Christ face-to-face.

The enemy will tell you that your sin is too great – you’re too bad or stained or dirty or broken. He’ll tell you that God can save most people but that what you have done is beyond the pale – you can’t really get forgiveness from God. You’ve gone too far – you can’t be forgiven. This message is a lie from the pit of Hell. We must not believe our sin to be more than our Savior. And we must not believe that any sin or any combination of sins is greater than the love and forgiving power of Jesus Christ.

No matter what you have done in the past, Christ is able and willing to forgive your sin and set you on a new path free from the bondage of sin. My friend, you have direct access to God Himself. Don’t neglect it. Talk with God. Confess your sin. Repent and believe. If you do, God will transform you into someone you never though you could be and will give you a new life that is nothing short of miraculous. Today, please let Him into your heart. You’ll never regret it!