The Need is not the Call

I have a good friend who is in full-time vocational ministry. He is an entrepreneur like me and near the end of our conversation over lunch last week, he asked for my advice. In his ministry, he’s seeing a need within his staff that is going unfulfilled and might hurt parts of the ministry if left unattended. Because he has done type of work for nearly 30 years, he was thinking of scaling back that portion of his ministry that few can accomplish and taking on the other portion of the ministry that could be done by many after they have been trained.

He was falling victim to a common syndrome for entrepreneurs: we see a need, see how it can be fixed and so we think we should go do it – even if this means neglecting our core tasks and call.

As an entrepreneur, he and I fall victim to the same temptation: because we can look into the future and see what could be, we think that since we can see it (no matter what “it” is), we should go do it. I have made this basic mistake in business countless times and each time it has cost me wasted time and resources.

As entrepreneurs, we need to remember that God has a call on our lives to be in business, to generate wealth for His kingdom and to traffic within the largest mission field on the plant. Let’s remember that when we get a new idea, just because we can “see it” in the future doesn’t mean that God has called us to fulfill that dream. Stay close to the Lord and let Him lead you instead of pursuing a dream that to which you have not been called. Don’t let your enthusiasm and creativity get in the way of understanding God’s call on your life and your need to stay focused on what He has called you to.

Bill English
CEO, Mindsharp
Associate, The Platinum Group