Friday Five

These are my Friday Five for March 14, 2014.

Strategic threads to any business are usually not found as frontal attacks from competitors. Instead, most strategic threats to businesses come from the back door. Craig’s list is a case in point, where their success siphoned off billions of revenue from the newspaper industry, leading to crippling losses in the print industry.

Our long-term economic realities are well outlined in this paper by the Dallas Federal Reserve: “Deciding who should bear the burden of this fiscal adjustment is difficult, but this does not change the inescapable reality that the burden exists and must be borne by someone. And should that “someone” not be found in the current generation, the burden will be borne by future generations”.

The Urban Institute has an interesting report on the sex trafficking industry in the US. They studied eight cities and found that the trafficking was down from 2003 to 2007 in all but two of those cities. The industry is so large that law enforcement captures only a small portion of the illegal activities. My heart aches for the young boys and girls who are forced into this industry as slaves. Surely this is one issue that conservatives and liberals, businesses and churches can come together on to fight.

Americans top three problems: Jobs, the Economy and the Government. For the latter, let’s look in the mirror and realize that the folks we elect to Congress are the one’s screwing this thing up. What is customary is this: we tend to view our own representative or Senator as the “good guy” and everyone else as the “bad guy”. We’ll probably see less than 30 seats in the House change this year.

As of March 11, our national debt was $17,501,576,037,738.02. With an estimated population of 316,128,839, this amounts to $55,362 of debt for every person living in the US.

Bill English, CEO