Hiring Rubic

Those who have worked with me when hiring individuals know what a fan I am of rubic’s. A good rubic can keep an interview on track while allowing the interviewer freedom in how questions are phrased and how to direct the conversation. They are also a great way to compare what an interviewee says with what their references say. If a common rubic is used for a single candidate across all interviews and reference discussions, then notes can be compared between interviewers and it forms a basis for comparing and contrasting what references say relative to that the candidate says in his or her various interviews.

The rubic I’m referencing in this post was developed for an executive position for a non-profit ministry. It is easily ported to the for-profit world. I give this rubic to the community as a starting point for developing your own rubic. Use it if it is helpful, leave it behind if it is not helpful.


Bill English, CEO