Movies that Encourage

I know a lot of what passes for entertainment is less-than-desirable for most Christians. There are also a number of Satanic-oriented movies that promote raw evil. I’d like to suggest that there are a corresponding set of movies that promote Christian values.

Unstoppable. The movie focuses on answering the question: “Where is God in the midst of tragedy?”

The Ultimate Gift. A young, restless man becomes mature and learns that giving to others is the Ultimate Gift.

The Ultimate Life. Filmed after the Ultimate Gift, this is the prequel to the Ultimate Gift, yet it continues the story into the future.

Joshua. What would Jesus be like if he came to a small American town?

The Passion of the Christ. A starkly realistic film of what Christ went through to save us from our sins.

The Chronicles of Narnia: Prince Caspian. In retrospect, this is a film about Christ, set in an enchanted and mythological land.

The Nativity Story. A Realistic story of the birth of Christ.

You all might have other ideas that portray Christ in a positive light. Please post if you think of any.

Bill English, CEO