So, You Want to Start a Business?

In a sense, this entire site can be thought of as the answer to the question: “How Do I Start a Business?” There are literally hundreds of places you can go to find out how to file the proper forms, permits, incorporation papers and other legal aspects of starting a business. Our site here is more targeted to who you are as you start and run your business. When a person owns a business, everything in that person’s heart will be laid bare for others to see – vendors, employees, partners, contractors, customers – all of them will see what is in your heart. I firmly believe that whatever dysfunction you bring to the venture will be imputed onto the organization you own and run. This is why our Christian Business Reference Architecture (CBRA) starts with several factors that will be part of your business:

  • The quality of your faith in God
  • The freedom you have from the bondage of sin
  • Your ability to recognize that Satan is working against you and what you can do to stem his attacks
  • Your recognition that your business is a gift from God to be stewarded for His purposes
  • Your active participation in being mentored as well as in mentoring others

All of these elements emit from you as a person – your character and your belief systems. What you believe and who you are will determine more your ability to succeed than will all of your talents, brains, skills, experiences and personas combined. While it might appear that many who lack faith in Christ are successful in business, I would counter that creating profits and growing a business are only one of several core measures of success. Remember that “success” is defined by God – not by us. And His definition is the one we need to consider and pursue.

Most people who are starting a business ask tactical questions first – How do I form a corporation? How do I grow enough work to hire my first employee? What will my business name be? Should I rent space? What should I price my products and services at? All questions like these are good and necessary questions to ask.

All I ask is that you start with the strategic first – and that starts with you. Use the CBRA and take time to work through it. Ask yourself the questions in the CBRA and see if you’re really ready to start a business. You don’t need to be perfect, but you’ll give yourself a much better chance to success *IF* you have taken the time to consider who you are as a person, if you understand God’s purposes for business and if you’re able to develop the character to not screw up the whole thing.

Bill English, CEO