Can I? Should I?

As a Christian Business Owner, there is a balancing act we go through on a regular basis about decisions where we can do this or that, but should we? Without taking 10,000 words to set this up, let me postulate that some of your decisions will be legally permissive, but are they ethically and morally right?

All I’ll suggest in this post is that the ultimate way through these types of decisions is to understand and hear the voice of God. In my business model, one of the elements that is needed to be a Godly business owner is ability to hear God’s voice, especially when it comes to making decisions. In these types of decisions, only God can tell you what to do and not to do. Lawyers will tell you what is legal. Partners might tell you what is best from a profit standpoint. But I believe that God will lead you into a balanced decision where the three core purposes for business are held in balance and yet God is glorified.

Please consider these words. If you’re a Christian Business Owner, you’ll do yourself a world of good to learn how to hear the voice of God and follow it.

Bill English, CEO