Draw Near to God

If you’re a business owner and you want to use your business for Jesus Christ, fulfilling that desire starts with you. Who you are is the primary factor in whether or not you’re successful.

We all can think of people who are highly talented and very smart. Yet they are not fulfilling their potential to achieve all that they could achieve. Why? Because they lack the character necessary to meet the demands of reality. Maybe they think they can do more than they really can, so they don’t build alliances that lead to organizational success. Often, they are unable to deal with conflict in a positive way.

All of us have deficiencies in our characters which leads to our inability to meet the demands of reality. The transformation of our character by the Holy Spirit is imperative if we are going to achieve all that God has designed us to achieve. This transformation can be experienced only by spending time with God.

In Hebrews 10.22, Paul tells us to “draw near to God with a sincere heart in full assurance of faith”. There is no substitute on the planet for spending time with God – intimate, personal, quality time with God. When we “draw near” – we come close to the heart of God. We learn and we absorb. We take time to hear the voice of God and allow Him to speak truth into our lives. We ask God if there is any wicked way within us and as He lovingly reveals sin in our lives, we confess that sin and repent.

The Holy Spirit cannot transform us apart from us drawing near to God. Unless we are transformed, we will continue to commit the same mistakes over and over again that persistently retard our relationships and growth in our business. We will continue to hurt our staff, we’ll miss opportunities to build alliances, we’ll shy away from resolving conflict and we’ll avoid making the tough calls.

I want to encourage you today – draw near to God. Take time to be with God. Learn to hear His voice. Learn His heart. And let him examine you daily so that the Holy Spirit can transform you. Running your business God’s way starts with who you are. Let God, through the Holy Spirit, transform you today.

Bill English, CEO