Dead Sea Scroll Fragments Sell for Millions

I’m often not publically critical of my Christian brothers and sisters, but in this case, I feel I must say this: In these times of uncertainty, high unemployment and people hurting due to poor economic conditions, I find it repulsive that Christian schools would spend millions on what is, essentially, little more than trophies that feed school pride. Sorry, but when I read this story, I was stunned. Let the State of Israel keep their scrolls and fly over to look at them if you wish, but don’t spend God’s monies on something like this. The donors should know better and the school presidents should know better too. This is poor stewardship wrapped in school pride.

Bill English, CEO


4 thoughts on “Dead Sea Scroll Fragments Sell for Millions”

    1. As what’s especially troubling to me is that one of the schools, it is rumored, is laying off professors due to lack of funds. I seriously *hope* this isn’t the case, but if it is, it points to a leader who is more interested in making his mark to pad his legacy than it is in prioritizing the people who work for him.

      1. I can confirm that professors were, indeed, laid off while the school spent millions on these fragments. This represents an out-of-balance priority structure: people were not balanced with that which was intended to produce profits for the organization. See the Christian Business Reference Architecture.

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