Pray without Ceasing – Hmmmm……….

I’m a firm believer in prayer – or am I? In 1 Thessalonians, Paul instructs us to “Pray without ceasing”. How often do I stop and do a formal prayer to God about my decisions or circumstances? Frankly, not often. Some days, I make numerous decisions. Other days, I make very few. In most of those decisions, I rely on the Holy Spirit to simply put a “check” (for lack of a better word) in my Spirit. Listening to that check is more important than what I say to God, IMHO. If I am to be a Christ-follower, then I’m the one who stops talking to God and I listen to what His direction is – then I follow it.

For example, I’ve been interviewing for an important position in my company. I have met with several individuals about coming on board to fill this position. After talking with one highly-qualified candidate who I’d really like to hire, I found myself getting that “check” in my spirit. That’s God telling me – don’t hire this individual. When I go to more formal prayer in the AM or at night, those checks are usually confirmed with more focused attention on listening to God.

Listening to God – it’s not hallucinations. It’s not delusional. But it is spiritual. Paul tells us that the man who isn’t regenerated in his spirit by God will find things like this foolish. OK. But if you’ve been regenerated through the Holy Spirit, this post will make sense, because you and I are now participating in the Divine nature – literally – our nature has been super-naturally transformed. In this context, prayer is more about my relationship with God than it is about what I say to make Him happy. Prayer is listening to God (Isaiah – “…and you will hear a voice behind you saying ‘ walk in this way’…”.

Can I listen without ceasing? You bet. Can I talk to God all day long – nope. I’ve got things to do. But I can listen. I can depend on the Holy Spirit to guide me as I go through my day and make decisions.

For those who read this blog and claim to be followers of Jesus Christ – I’ll implore you – listen to God throughout your day. You’ll be glad you did.

Bill English, CEO


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  1. That’s how I got into the SharePoint business in 2003. He told me to call you up and hear what you had to say! He must be a free market advocate and think that competition is a good thing?!

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