Friday Five June 22

While I’m in full agreement that our President has not provided the leadership we need to resolve many of our problems, I found this opinion by the Wall Street Journal to be a bit much. I don’t think any single person can solve all of these problems they cite, especially from Washington.

I think Turley has hit the nail on the head – on both counts. I agree with the policy directive of President Obama, but I also agree that this needed to come from Congress, not the President. To circumvent Congress and unilaterally decide he isn’t going to enforce certain portions of the law is dangerous and a violation of his oath to uphold the Constitution. We don’t want leaders who decide which parts of our laws they will enforce or not enforce. That is not leadership. It is pandering and it opens the door to significant corruption.

Managing your Energy – the stats here are not good. Sadly, I fit this profile.

From the “How Stupid Can You Be?” department, I have two stories this week. The first comes to us from NPR, about JetBlue, who wouldn’t let a man board an airplane with a vital organ destined to be transplanted into a woman who badly needed the organ. Why? Because the bottle was over 100ML. On another front, the gay rights people have shown just how stupid they can be by flipping off President Reagan in the White House. What saddens me a great deal is what God must think of us condoning a marriage proposal between a lesbian and transgendered man. The desecration of what it means to be married continues in this country.

Lastly, this is one of hundreds of examples I could list each year of how people clog our courts with frivolous lawsuits. I’m sick of how litigious our society is. “Just sue ’em” seems to be our national motto. Never mind if there is a violation of law – just see if a judge will go along with you to see if you can get some money from someone. A loser-pays systems would keep most of these cases at bay.


Bill English, CEO