360 Review

I learned the results today of my 360° review. Since there is no formal review process in my company for myself, I voluntarily sent an email to a number of people, both inside and outside my organization and asked them to answer one question: “What is it like to be on the other end of Bill English?”

I had them send their emails to a trusted friend who in turn gave their comments to me anonymously. I must say that he did a great job in delivering the content to me. And he welcomed the opportunity to interact with me about both my challenges and my strengths. He then told me to be sure to develop my strengths even more, shore up my challenges as best I can, then look to hire around me those individuals who strengths will compliment and compensate for my weaknesses.

The results were both accurate and not surprising. What was surprising were the positive comments – some of them gave me insight into my person and work that I didn’t know much about. The comments on how I can improve crystallized for me the core areas in which I’ll have to give extra effort just to meet an adequate level of performance. I’ll work 2x or 3x as hard in those areas to do what others do naturally. But that is the effort of leadership – I must demonstrate a willingness to learn and grow if I’m to expect my staff to do the same.

I won’t go into the specific results, but I did find the exercise both helpful and encouraging. Thanks to all who contributed.

Bill English, CEO


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