Friday Five, May 11

My Friday Five this week have both personal and professional entries. I’ll start with the personal.

I recall preaching my mom’s funeral – about 2.5 years ago. I preached my Uncle’s (my mom’s brother) funeral just a few months ago. When I was growing up, I never thought that I would be the one closing out their lives as I did. It was a deep privilege to do both funerals. I was reminded of these two events this week when I read a short blog post from R.C. Sproul, Jr. He has recently lost his wife to illness and decided not to preach at her funeral. But God gave him a chance this past February to preach in a way that enabled him to do what he couldn’t do so shortly after her death. I’m happy for him that he received that opportunity.

I still think about my mom. I often wish I could talk with her. Even 2.5 years later, the pain is still there. I suppose it will never go away completely. She was genuinely one of my best friends in life. She was a fabulous lady – someone who possessed the rare combinations of leadership and humility, competence and meekness and loving honesty. I look forward to seeing her again – face to face. It will be a fabulous day.

On another note, the Department of Labor is having a Skills to Pay Bills chat. This reminds me of an opportunity that I would love to see Mindsharp take advantage of – and that is offering SharePoint education to those who are unemployed. Perhaps, if they received some additional education, they could find themselves in a better position to find a job. There are job openings – but I understand that the competition is fierce in some verticals for those few open jobs. At my Vistage group this past week, one member mentioned that in his vertical, the unemployment rate is less than 1% – he’s having a very, very hard time finding good people to work for him. But anyways, I wonder how this would go over or how we would throttle/monitor this effort. I believe it is worth doing – at least in the long run.

From the “you-can’t-make-this-stuff-up” department, a Federal inmate garnered 41% of the democratic presidential primary vote in West Virginia. Keith Judd is now entitled to one delegate at the Democratic National Convention. I seriously like the campaign slogan that Turley is offering: Experience in Politics Counts: Elect a Felon!

From the “How-stupid-can-you-be” department, a man recently went to his Ex-Girlfriend for dental work. Instead of the doing the work he requested, she put him under and pulled all of his teeth. No kidding. Moral of the story: Don’t go see your Ex for professional services. She is now being investigated for malpractice.

Finally, while our illustrious Senate has not found time nor spent any effort to pass a budget in nearly 3 years, they did take time today to announce that May 15 is the 150th birthday of the Department of Agriculture. Really? Don’t you folks have better things to do than to pass worthless, meaningless, symbolic legislation like this?

Bill English, CEO


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  1. You did a terrific job at your Mothers funeral. I still remember it and was very touched by the whole day. Your brother and I have spoken about it often. God Bless,

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