What Does the Bible Have to Say About Opportunity?

I’m teaching Sunday School today at church. I felt led to teach on the subject of “opportunity”. Here is what I’ve learned in my studies. What’s interesting is that in the word studies, there was a fairly strong connection between the concepts of “opportunity”, “season or period of time” and “Appropriateness of Action”. Here are my notes, for your encouragement. If you do use this outline, please give proper attribution.

When running a business, opportunity is always knocking at your door. The art of leading is knowing which opportunities to pursue and which ones’ to decline. Taking advantage of opportunities vs. staying focused on the short- and long-term strategies of the company is a balancing act that requires maturity and discernment in the leadership of the company. Many small business owners struggle in this area.



“luck is when opportunity meets preparedness” (unknown)

“without the strength to endure the crisis, no one will see the opportunity within” (Chinese Proverb)

Opportunity is missed by most people because it is dressed in overalls and looks like work. (Thomas Edison)

Failure is the opportunity to begin again, more intelligently (Henry Ford)

We are all faced with great opportunities brilliantly disguised as impossible situations (Charles Swindoll)


Good Biblical Definition?

Opportunity is an event or moment at which actions of importance or significance can be achieved.

  • Greek word (Kairos)
    • It is more than a succession of moments (chronos)
    • Critical or decisive point in time
    • Period marked by distinct conditions
  • Hebrew Word translated in the Septuagint from Genesis 1.14:
    • “seasons” – to set or appoint a time
    • Used to translate a variety of Hebrew words, but the core meaning is a period of time in which conditions are right for a particular course of action

What can we learn?

  1. Times of opportunities must be discerned – Ecc 3.1
  2. Every possible opportunity to do good should be taken:
    1. Galatians 6.10
    2. Luke 10.33
    3. John 9.4
    4. Ephesians 5.16
    5. Colossians 4.5
    6. 2 Timothy 4.2
  3. Examples of opportunities
    1. Rahab saved the spies and her household – Joshua 2.8 – 14
    2. Naaman’s wife’s maid helped Naaman by telling her mistress about Elisha – 2 Kings 5.1-3
    3. Nehemiah gained permission to rebuild the walls of Jerusalem – Nehemiah 2.2-5
    4. Esther saved the Jews from Haman’s plot – Esther 4.14, 7.3-6
    5. Daniel offered to interpret Nebuchadnezzar’s dream – Daniel 2.14-16
    6. Priscilla and Aquila taught Apollos – Acts 18.24-26
    7. David could have killed Saul – 1 Samuel 24
  4. Common threads in these opportunities (with application):
    1. Foresight: The opportunity was noticed – it’s easy to see in hindsight – not so easy to see with foresight
      1. Watch and Pray – often it will take the Holy Spirit prompting you about the opportunity
    2. Action: The actor acted – took action – didn’t just “pray about it”
      1. Take Action – be balanced between waiting on God and taking action
      2. Appropriateness – the course of action is indicated by the opportunity at hand
    3. Discernment: not all opportunities should be followed
      1. Ensure the Lord is directing you
    4. Risk: Most opportunities involved risk
      1. Accept Risk – IF God is directing, it’s always an acceptable risk
      2. Set Fear Aside – cannot move out with risk if you’re afraid
    5. Dependence: All opportunities involved dependence on the Lord
      1. Depend on the Lord – but get going
    6. Prepared: All of the actors were prepared before the opportunity ever came along
      1. Personal and professional development is a lifelong effort – Eph 2.10
    7. Unique: Each opportunity was a singular event – it would likely never come again
      1. Have a sense of urgency – *now* is the time

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