Friday Five, March 16

Ok – now this is just plain cool, if you like economics and Twitter. The Federal Reserve has finally started their own twitter feed.

After reading 90 Minutes in Heaven over a year ago, my outlook on life continues to be different – more eternal. So much of what we do and invest ourselves in doesn’t matter. When you read through Revelation – the only book in the Bible that is given to describing future events while giving us a glimpse into the activities in heaven, what I learn is that those in heaven are so very unconcerned with what is going on here on earth. Their focus is on the Lord and what He did to redeem us. While we do need to “occupy until He comes”, I would encourage anyone who feels overly concerned with activities on this earth to read this book. Our time here on this earth is so very short. Focus on the future – lay up for yourself treasures in heaven – and you will not find yourself gaining the whole world while losing your own soul.

I hear that college students can now get scholarships at major universities for their ability to shoot. My son is very interested in Hillsdale while my daughter wants to attend Notre Dame. I don’t know that either school has a shooting team, but it’s interesting to see how the shooting sports are taking hold at the high school and college levels. By the way, I’ve heard nothing but good comments about Hillsdale’s Constitution course. I’m going to sign up myself.

I’ve been wading into the Twitter area more – reading tweets on what is trending world-wide. I’m struck by how real people are – how transparent they are. And I’m struck by how much life hasn’t changed for these kids. Mostly young people, really, are using this method of communication. I followed recently the trending hashtag #ireallyhateitwhen, and the comments were remarkable: “…my friends act differently around me” or “…people don’t give you the time of day”. Most of the tweets were about interpersonal relationships and nearly all of them were born in the soil of pain. My heart goes out to these young people. How do we reach them for Christ?

Finally, I’ve had several people ask for the.opml file that describes the sources I follow to stay abreast of what’s happening. Please email me at if you want the file and I’ll email it back to you.  I would attach it to this post, but WordPress doesn’t allow me to do this.

Bill English, CEO