Friday Five, March 9

Most people feel unappreciated at work and at home. Be sure to take a few moments and say “thank you“.

I’m not sure I agree, but it’s an interesting read on how procrastination drives innovation.

The danger of a President believing he can kill US Citizens is bad enough. But when he believes he can do it without any restraint or oversight, this becomes the essence of a dictatorship. Make no mistake – this goes well beyond socialism. No President should be able to kill any US Citizen he deems necessary. It’s not right. If I were to write here that it’s OK to kill the President because I don’t like the color of his tie, it would be fully understandable if I were condemned. But I don’t advocate this because it is morally wrong. Our President is not above this law. He should submit to the Constitution and to basic moral law – he doesn’t have this right and every American of every stripe should oppose him and his stupid legal arguments. This is dangerous to our future as a nation.

Speaking of something that is just wrong, when I read about the efforts of Gregg Williams to purposefully harm opponents, I was furious. This isn’t the NFL I know. I fully agree with Fran Tarkenton – Gregg Williams should never been seen in the NFL again. What he and his players did is the same as MLB     players doping up to hit the ball farther. Drugs has no place in sports – neither does dirty play that purposefully harms the other players as a way to win. In business as in life, we have to believe that how we play the game is as important, if not more important, than whether we win or not. I never thought that Bill Belicheck should have been allowed to stay in the sport after being caught at cheating. I put Gregg Williams in the same camp. Sorry Saints fans. But your Super Bowl win was purchased through devious means. It doesn’t count, IMHO.

You know, some things you just can’t make up. Pat Robertson’s days on TV should be over, IMHO.

Bill English CEO,