Friday Five for March 2

There are stories that you just can’t make up. This is one of them. This is another one.

Leave it to the lawyers to take away my warm car seat     when it is -20°. Is there anything for which they won’t create a product liability class-action suit?

Apple is not only the most valuable company in the world, its’ market value has now topped $500 billion. By the time you read this, they will have clocked over 25 billion downloads from their web site. By contrast, Microsoft’s value is barely half that of Apple at $266B. Read this on why Apple passed Microsoft and decide for yourself if you agree with the authors. What is ironic is that Microsoft infused $150M of cash into Apple roughly 10 years ago to keep them going.

For my friends in Minneapolis, this is a rare chance to interact with the Federal Reserve Chair. Take advantage of it if you can.

The battle continues in the courts over Chicago’s restrictive gun laws. Illinois is the last state in the union to have no permit-to-carry laws of any kind.

Bill English, CEO