Irresponsibility and Governance

One of the things that we expect from our leaders is for them to steward their role, power and this nation in a responsible way. When we elect a person who believes, at his core, in liberation theology and social justice, then this is what we get:

  • Deficit spending at levels that are just irresponsible
  • Significant effort at attaining equality of results through the tax code and the court/judicial system
  • Ignoring basic separations of power within the branches as well as between the government and its’ citizens
  • Running over personal and religious liberties
  • Out of control spending on welfare programs that simply won’t work
  • Simuli programs that will never work

I wish I was making this up. I’m not. Consider:

Pay special attention to this article:

It’s not just our President, it’s our Senate, our House and potentially, a majority of Americans, who contribute to this. We must be willing to give up our “goodies” from the government if we are to survive as a nation. Old or young, rich or poor, we need real change in this country.

What is especially immoral is that we have spent our children and grandchildren’s wealth. We’ve spent wealth we’ve not yet created. Will anyone blame them if they turn their backs on us 30 years from now?

I don’t know what to do. I honestly don’t. But we can’t continue down this path of deficit spending. We won’t survive as a nation.

Bill English, CEO