Friday Five for October 1

If your company’s personality is a bit stale, then you might consider using social media to upgrade your company’s social personality.

This is a short, but good article from HBR on new beliefs that CEOs need to incorporate into their mindset. I like the social and long-term aspects of these beliefs.

Here are the top 100 compensation packages for public company CEOs for 2010. The top package is over $84M and the lowest is a mere $17M. This is Forbe’s list on America’s top 100 paid CEOs. Privately held CEOs make far less than their public company counterparts, averaging $405K for a $5M company. 75% of privately held company CEOs make less than $1M.

Here is the Forbes list of the 100 most powerful women. Would it be sexist to have a list like this for men?

Opinion: I continue to fail to see how soaking the rich with more taxes helps the rest of us. You don’t help the poor by hurting the rich.

Bill English, CEO