Friday Five for September 17

When debt is good and when it is bad is the focus of this paper. This is a technical paper that demonstrates that some debt is good for growth, but too much debt leads to economies that shrink and that have numerous defaults in them.

There are five things that employers can do to discourage sales when they think they are encouraging sales. Not all encouragement is encouraging.

Over a three year period, a rogue trader cost UBS $2B in fraudulent trades. This makes one wonder what other fraudulent activities are occurring right now at other institutions that we don’t know about.

While Geitner’s warnings to Europe about their debt problem is both warranted and accurate, we also don’t have the credibility to say much. Our debt ratios are nearly the same as that of Greece. We’re the pot calling the kettle “black”.

Five online educational opportunities to help you run your business better.

Bill English