Friday Five for August 19

Because I’m leaving for vacation early this week, I’m posting my Friday Five early as well. Enjoy the articles and wish me a great time away! J

This is where the Pros go to see how the economy is doing and where it is headed. Good article on this from WSJ.

So you want to be a business owner? Check out this short article from the WSJ.

Here are Five online steps for managing your business reputation from Wells Fargo Business Insights.

NCPA Policy Recommendations on how to get more jobs created in this economy is a good read and aligns with my thinking. If Warren Buffet wants to be taxed more, he can always contribute to the national debt.

The 11th Circuit Court strongly rejects the individual mandate for ObamaCare while upholding the rest of the law. Because the individual mandate is the foundation for ObamaCare, it stands to reason that the entire law will not work pragmatically. I think everyone agrees that this is headed to the Supreme Court. The summary by Avik Roy at is a good read on their decision.

Bill English, CEO