What the Rich and Poor Have in Common

On Christmas mornings, after my family is up and ready to open presents, I’ll take a few moments to read the Christmas story out of Luke 2 – something I do every year. In this story, we have a number of elements to learn about who Christ is and who we are in relation to Him. I’ll focus only on one single point and it is this: Christ came into this world to draw all men to Himself, both rich and poor. When you look at who came to see the Christ child, you had the polar opposites come to visit him. Among the poorest in those days were shepherds – men who watched sheep and protected them. They were likely hired by the sheep’s owners and endured all types of weather and little pay to look after their master’s sheep. Among the richest in those days were men who travelled on camels with entourages. The wise men represented this class. They were well educated, well-funded, and certainly important men in their day.

Both the rich and the poor came to Christ at His birth. And the rich brought gifts – expensive gifts – to give to Christ. Both bowed down Christ. Both were informed about Christ’s coming in unique, God-initiated ways and both travelled to see Him. The shepherds travelled a very short distance while the wise men travelled a very long distance to see Christ.

Even in His birth, Christ showed us that His life was about drawing men to Himself. As Christian Business owners, what are we drawn to? Is it Christ or our profits? Is it His forgiveness of sin or the growth of our business? Before all else, we must allow Christ to do that in our hearts and minds that only He can do: a transforming work that we cannot do within ourselves. Some Christian Business owners are so successful that they have forgotten all that Christ has done for them. They walk a good game, they give money, they serve on boards in their churches, they say all the right things, but their hearts are far from God, having forgotten Deuteronomy 8 in which we learn that it is God who gives us the ability to create wealth.

I pray this morning that you are not one of them. Take time to submit your heart to Christ. Like the wisemen, worship Him and Him only. Listen to the voice of God – the voice that is initiated by God to direct you and me into paths of righteousness. And do not forsake the study of the Bible. In it, you will find joy, wisdom and strength as well as learning how the spiritual world really works. God can speak to you through His word. May his word and righteousness rest on you today – this Christmas day.

Bill English