What is Biblical Stewardship?

I’ll write about this multiple times and my learning on this is both iterative and from experience. But, in a nutshell, here are some truths about Biblical stewardship that either I’ve learned or am learning. A faithful, good steward:

  1. Represents the owner of the entrustment
  2. Cares for the interests of the owner of the entrustment, even to the injury of his own interests
  3. Understands that it’s not about him, it’s about the owner (really doesn’t matter what “it” is)
  4. Understands the nuances of the owners relationships in the market and supports and furthers those relationships
  5. Understands that his words and actions reflect on the character and reputation of the entrustment’s owner
  6. Follows directions
  7. Is honest with the owner of the entrustment
  8. Is honest with everyone else too
  9. Is willing to make difficult decisions when it is in the best interests’ of the owner
  10. Understands that his role is time limited and that he will one day be relieved of his responsibility – there is always an end to the stewardship role

Bill English, CEO