Driven or Led?

Every business that I know of, at times, has to go through the process of deciding what they do. In my business, we provide thought leadership in our vertical, we write core content for our industry and we provide great customer service. But one of the processes that we’re doing right now is explicitly defining what we do not do. Because there are several tangental or adjacent products and services that we could provide doesn’t mean that we should provide them.

Internally, business owners are often driven, type-A people. And if you’re anything like me, you hate to lose an opportunity to turn a profit. It just naws at you and sits there until you act on it. Not being able to move on new opportunities due to lack of funds or human bandwidth can be frustrating.

When a Christian business owner walks with God closely, this drive to succeed can be submitted to the authority and will of God. When that happens, we are Christian business owners who are led by the Spirit. Beyond the obvious positives of being led by the Spirit, one of the things that will go away is the drive to go after every last dollar because we can be at rest when the Spirit doesn’t lead us into a new product or venture.  We learn to fully trust God that this is best for us personally and our business.

One of the ways that Satan will attack us and make us ineffective is by randomizing our focus so that we perform at moderate levels across a number of efforts instead of at excellent levels across a few efforts. Better to be focused and excellent than to be randomized and average, in my opinion.

If you’re a Christian business owner, I encourage you to check yourself: are you trying to do too much? Do you need to make cuts in your business so that you can be better focused?  Do you spend enough time in prayer so that you can hear the voice of God and know what you need to do and what not to do?  Focusing on your highest value activities is the best way to ensure success for your company, especially when the Spirit is leading you to focus more closely on that which is in his calling for your life.

Bill English