Debt Ceiling and Spending Reduction Bill

The entire problem with this bill and the general focus of the discussions is
that the spending cuts – which future Congresses are not bound by – are phased
in over 10 years. The increased debt occurs over the next 18 months. The
creation of a Congressional committee is a way for others in Congress who are
not on the committee to avoid making hard decisions and push it off on someone

The core of larger issue that has given rise to our debt is the insatiable
appetite of the American people to get something from the government for free.
In several news reports with the President and the Treasury Secretary, I heard
that in any given month, we send out between 70 – 100 million checks. There are
only 300 million people in the United States. Are they serious that 1/3 of our
population gets a check from Uncle Sam every month? Really?

How do you convince the American people to deny themselves goods and services
they get for free through the redistribution of income from people they don’t
know and will never meet? We want Congress to cut spending. But we also want our
lollipops and candy from the Government. You can’t eat your cake and then still
have it afterwards. I don’t see a way out of this mess unless the American
people start to deny themselves free goods and services that they have come to
depend on.

Bill English, CEO