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 Why We Exist

The Bible and Business is dedicated to writing down everything the Bible has to say about running a business for Christians who own or lead businesses.  Learn more.

Our Audience

The intended audience for our content includes:

  • Christian Business Owners
  • Christian Business Leaders
  • Ministry leaders
  • Organization leaders who are Christians
  • Division or Department leaders who are Christians
  • Pastors
  • MBA Program Deans or Directors

Our Core Content

In one way or another, everything on our site is connected to:

Content is Delivered in Several Ways:

  1.  Online book (which is a slimmed down version of the full book that is being written right now)
  2.  Blog posts (nearly all written content is in a blog post)
  3.  Podcasts (iTunes)
  4. PDF downloads – all written content can be downloaded for free in PDF format – just look for the PDF Icon image_pdf

How Can You Participate?

You can participate with us in the following ways:

  1. Leave comments at the end of articles and podcasts
  2. Join a CEO/Business Leader Group
  3. Fill out a survey
  4. Listen to Faith Radio on Wednesday mornings at 7:10 AM CST to hear Bill English live
  5. Give us feedback or contact us if you’d like to write with us
  6.  Follow us on FaceBook
  7. Follow us on Twitter (@biblebusiness)
  8. Link to us

 Looking for Something?

You can find information based on Categories (down the left side) or by function (across the top) or enter your search term(s) in the search box and find what you’re looking for that way.


4 thoughts on “Welcome to the Bible and Business for Christian Business Owners”

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  2. Great introduction of your purpose and vision. I think more believers need to understand how money works… and how god set up money to work as a tool and way to provide.

    As I’d like to say, ” I love what money can do for me in the material world we live in.” It’s ok ot have a lot of money and love money for what it can do for your life and the lives of others.

    I think it is time for Christians to come out of the dark ages and come out of the misunderstanding, and incorrect teachings of money it what it’s purpose is.. Money is created to be our servants and money is all around us.. God already finished and completed everything. We only need to understand how money works and how to have a right relationship with money…
    Money is a good thing and it is here to provide as much as we desire or allow it to be. think about it just like a hammer…

    It is a tool there is nothing wrong with the hammer itself… It can be used for building great things… Or it can be used to harm someone… see where I’m going… Well money is the same.. If money is in the hand of someone who has a right relationship with it… Through how you think of money… It can serve you and others… Or it can harm you or others… It can harm you by not having enough… And it can harm you and others if you are corrupt it…

    Notice how many is spoken about in teh bible a lot… And ther is only a few times it is mentioned in a wrong light. And that is when someone is taking the money ” which is a tool” and not either using it to invest and gain more due to fear… Or taking money and doing something evil with it

    So look at money is a tool, a gift, a servant, a source of invisible energy, and much more…

    I think most of us believers think money is good but we are not allowed ot have as much as we desire or it is evil… That is not true… why not be the one who invested their talents 100% and reap the reward of those talents..(money)..

    1. As I (slowly) write my book, you’ll find that I’ll be discussing money at length. But in short, money is a means to an end, not the end in and of itself. Bible speaks about money often because it represents where our hearts are – if we deeply desire money, then by definition, we cannot deeply desire God.

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